The SNIP "Pit Stop" is an ongoing education, outreach and intervention program for the Fresno community.  It focuses on debunking myths about our favortie and most misunderstood breed, the Pit Bull.  We have educational material on the breed, common myths associated with Pitties, and provide information on the high rates of homelessness, abuse and euthanasia of Pits occuring in our own area.  We also encourage Pit Bull adoption from local rescues and shelters.

We aim for promotion of responsible ownership, which is the key to keeping all pets safe and out of shelters. Our goal is to educate the community and provide services and resources that not only protect the dogs in our community but the families that love them.

The SNIP "Pit Stop" supports owners of pit bull, or pit mixes dogs by coordinating and helping pay for low-cost services including vaccinations and spay/neuter.

If you know anyone who owns a Pit or Pit Bull mix, and they need help to get them fixed, please contact us at 559-360-0768.




In this country tax-payers spend $1 Billion dollars annually to pick up, house, and euthanize homeless animals. If only 5% of that total were allocated to spay/neuter programs, we could open 250 public, low-cost spay/neuter clinics across the country and sterilize more than 4 Million animals each year.

By just fixing 1 you can save Millions.

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